Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Professor Of An Upper Level Homeland Security Course...

The professor of an upper level Homeland Security course at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University emphasizes to his students that, â€Å"being able to research and write effectively is a requirement for all college graduates, and especially those interested in a career in the field of Homeland Security†(Appendix). After graduation, students going into the field of Homeland Security specifically at the Department of Homeland Security can expect to be writing constantly. The application process to the Department of Homeland Security even requires â€Å"writing samples, essays or references†(Homeland Security). Students have to understand how to write not just quickly and with ease but efficiently for readers. The case study assigned is a great opportunity for students to work on writing efficiently. In order to be successful on the assignment, students need to use efficient diction. As inexperienced writers, it can be easy for students to feel like they need to overcompensate to their professors by using overly extravagant words. In today’s society, thesauruses are available at just a right click in Microsoft Word, so it becomes extremely tempting for students to switch common, â€Å"simple† words for words that seem more â€Å"sophisticated† so they can sound smart and like they understand the topic more. Even though some â€Å"sophisticated† words are more specific and can work more efficiently on many occasions, students need to be aware of their audience and what level to accommodate their

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